HBO Max: How To Find Director's And Extended Cut Movies

Alien, Aliens, Pearl Harbor and more have different versions of the film on HBO Max.


With HBO Max's launch on May 27, we're all learning more and more about what the streaming service has to offer. Aside from the huge back catalog, some movies actually have extended or director's cuts of the films. But how do you watch them and what higher-profile movies have these cuts?

These special editions of these movies don't just pop up in any menus, so you can't just find them through the search function--Set It Off (Director's Cut) and Woodstock: The Director's Cut are the only ones that pop up that way.

If you're looking to find an extended cut for a movie, all you need to do is find the movie you're looking for and select it. For the purpose of this example, we selected Alien 3. Full disclosure, I originally wanted to select Aliens but accidentally clicked Alien 3, and just rolled with the punches.

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After you select the movie you want, there will be Extras section, where you can select the different cuts. And that's it. Now you're watching a movie with a bunch of deleted scenes added to it.

While looking through HBO Max, we found a few noteworthy movie cuts on the service. This is not all the extended or director's cuts available.

Director's cuts

  • Alien Director's Cut
  • Pearl Harbor

For extended and unrated cuts, deleted scenes are put into the movie, but the directors of the film normally don't have a lot of say with the final edit. Because of this, extended and unrated cuts tend to have longer runtimes. So we've listed the addition time added below.

Extended cuts

  • Aliens Extended version (+17 minutes)
  • Alien 3 Extended version (+30 minutes)
  • Alien Resurrection Extended version (+8 minutes)
  • Fast Five (+1 minute)
  • Green Lantern (+10 minutes)
  • Hostel (No change)
  • Hostel: Part II (No change)
  • The Invisible (+9 minutes)
  • Red Riding Hood (+1 minute)
  • Sucker Punch (+18 minutes)
  • This Means War (+7 minutes)
  • The Town (+29 minutes)
  • Unfriended: Dark Web (No change)

Unrated version

  • Cowboys & Aliens (+7 minutes)

There are also a few Warner Bros. movies that had extended cuts for the home release that are not available on the service currently.

Notably missing:

  • Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Unrated cut)
  • Batman v. Superman (Extended cut)
  • Suicide Squad (Extended cut)

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