HBO Is Considering Other Game Of Thrones Spin-Off Ideas, Like Robert's Rebellion

HBO is said to be meeting with "several top writers" to discuss ideas for new shows.


HBO wants to have more Game of Thrones, and to that end, the company is taking meetings with a number of writers who are pitching their ideas for spin-offs. This is according to report from EW, which says HBO has taken meetings with "several top writers" who are pitching the network their ideas for where the fantasy universe could go next.

One of the ideas is a prequel series focused on the war, Robert's Rebellion, that took place some time before the events of Game of Thrones, according to the report. Writer Bruno Heller, who created the period drama Rome for HBO, is said to have pitched this idea.

There is no word yet on any of the other high-profile writers who have pitched to HBO. However, EW reported that all of the new show ideas are prequels that are set in Westeros and Essos. The site dashed hopes to see more familiar characters and actors, as it's claimed that none of the new show ideas are spin-offs of the timeline that ended with Game of Thrones Season 8.

HBO is taking its time with the Game of Thrones spin-offs to make sure things go well. The network shot a pilot of the Naomi Watts Game of Thrones spin-off but canceled it, though the company didn't provide much context as to why. HBO apparently feels more confident about its House of Dragon spin-off, which has been ordered to series.

Another show, Tales of Dunk and Egg, is said to be in the works as well. However, HBO has not officially given the green light to this project yet.

As EW and others have pointed out, it appears HBO is trying to expand on the Game of Thrones universe in a big way, not unlike how Disney announced 10 Star Wars TV shows for Disney+.

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