HAWX 2 hunting this fall

Ubisoft's latest Tom Clancy-inspired sequel offering top-speed aerial combat on 360, PS3, Wii, and PC later this year.


Ubisoft took to the skies with the Tom Clancy series in 2009, and the first HAWX mission was apparently successful enough for a second. Calling out the original's million-unit-plus performance, Ubisoft today said that Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 will hop on a highway to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and PC danger zone this fall.

"Do a barrel roll!"

Ubisoft Bucharest will again handle development duties on this latest installment in the HAWX franchise. Unfortunately, the publisher was light on hard information as to what gamers can expect from the sequel. Players will apparently reprise their roles as ace aerial combatants, helming high-octane aircraft in an unspecified confrontation. Ubisoft did note that the game will be directly inspired by Tom Clancy's techno-thriller novels.

The original HAWX was set in a near future where private military companies (PMCs) have begun to supplant national armies as the world's top armed forces. Following a treaty signed in Iceland in 2012, PMCs even begin to take over the duties of air forces around the globe. However, given said companies' "lax" view of international law, the move causes more conflict than ever before, leading the remaining nation-states to try to restore world order.

HAWX 2 is presumably one of two Tom Clancy games that Ubisoft brand manager Michael Verheijdt teased had not yet been announced last week. "At the moment I'm working on two Tom Clancy games that are in development," he told Dutch gaming site Control-Online.nl. "[But] if I say anything about that, I'll have to send Sam Fisher after you."

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