Haunted House spooking 360, Wii, PC

Atari rebooting its original survival horror franchise with new downloadable installment this September.


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It may have been originally released for the graphically sparse Atari 2600, but Atari's Haunted House still lays claim to one of the first examples of survival horror gameplay. Now, with the game's 30th anniversary rapidly approaching, Atari is reviving that franchise with a new downloadable reimagining for the Xbox 360, Wii, and PC this September.

Once again set in Graves Mansion, players assume the role of the grandchildren of the original character, who disappeared in the haunted house some 30 years ago. Harried by the undead, players are tasked with navigating their way through the mansion in an effort to locate four pieces of an enchanted urn.

Graves Mansion might be a bit spookier in 3D.
Graves Mansion might be a bit spookier in 3D.

Additionally, Haunted House has entered the 21st century with detailed 3D environments. The game will also feature pick-up-and-play-style adventure gameplay, where players will solve puzzles, as well as engage in boss battles. Further, action will take place primarily within the mansion's mysterious towers, corridors, and catacombs.

Atari has not yet announced a price or rating information for Haunted House.

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