Hatching Tie-In Game Is Tamagotchi-Inspired With A Horror Twist

It's free and short.


Developed in collaboration with IFC Midnight (distributor of horror movies like The Babadook and The Autopsy of Jane Doe), Hatching is a Tamagotchi-esque game--but with a horror twist. It's based on the Hatching movie, which was released in theaters on April 29 and can be streamed online as of May 17, and is developed by Airdorf.

You can get Hatching for free either through itchi.o or via the Apple store, if you want to play it on your iPhone.

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The gameplay is very simple and quick. You pick up an egg, take it home, and click on the options that show up on screen. No spoilers for what happens, but just know it's not as wholesome as raising a real Tamagotchi.

Airdorf is also currently developing Faith: The Unholy Trinity, a pixel horror game inspired by the 1980s "satanic scare." It doesn't have a release date yet, but there's a demo currently available, if you'd like to get a preview.

In other horror game news, rumors around Silent Hill have started resurfacing again. From the way speculation about Bloober Team's involvement in a Silent Hill remake to Konami possibly reviving the franchise in a major way picked up online, it's clear Silent Hill players really want the beloved horror series to come back.

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