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Hasbro's Baby Yoda Toys Are Adorable And Available For Pre-Order

Talking Baby Yoda, anyone?


Along with the handful of Baby Yoda toys we know are arriving next year (which includes an adorable Baby Yoda plush from Mattel), Hasbro has announced it has a few Baby Yoda toys of its own coming soon. The toy manufacturer has revealed four toys based on the cute little force-user, all of which release this coming spring.

Most importantly, Hasbro is going head-to-head against Mattel with its own Baby Yoda plush. It's a talking plush, but don't expect him to say, "Hi, I'm the cutest baby ever." Instead, it will make the soft, sweet baby noises you hear in The Mandalorian. Hasbro will also release two Baby Yoda action figures, including a new addition to the Black Series Stars Wars lineup.

You can collect six different Baby Yoda poses from the show thanks to 2.2-inch collectibles from Hasbro. Yes, one of the poses is Baby Yoda sipping tea like the icon he is.

Hasbro's Baby Yoda toys are available to pre-order at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, GameStop, and Shop Disney. Check them out below.

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Hasbro Baby Yoda toys

Baby Yoda Talking Plush
Baby Yoda Talking Plush

Baby Yoda talking plush | $25

The 7.5-inch Baby Yoda talking plush makes 10 different, equally adorable, Baby Yoda noises when you squeeze its belly. It also comes with a frog, because Baby Yoda gets hungry.

Baby Yoda Black Series Action Figure
Baby Yoda Black Series Action Figure

Baby Yoda Black Series Action Figure | $10

Baby Yoda joins Hasbro's Black Series lineup of action figures. Other Mandalorian characters including Mando, Offworld Jawa, and the IG-11 droid are already available.

Baby Yoda 6.5-inch action figure
Baby Yoda 6.5-inch action figure

Baby Yoda 6.5-inch action figure | $20

This 6.5-inch Baby Yoda action figure has multiple points of articulation, so you can move his little arms to use the Force.

Baby Yoda 2.2-inch collectibles
Baby Yoda 2.2-inch collectibles

Baby Yoda 2.2-inch collectibles (two-pack) | $16

As you can tell, these 2.2-inch Baby Yoda collectibles are so good that you'll actually want to collect all of them. These will be sold in sets of two for $16.

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