Hasbro Talks MicroProse

Hasbro closing two MicroProse studios but says it plans to keep the MicroProse vibe alive.


In a press release issued late this afternoon, Hasbro Interactive made a statement regarding its upcoming development-studio closings and the future of MicroProse.

Both the Alameda, Calif., and Chapel Hill, NC, development studios will close sometime in mid-January 2000, as game development continues in the Hunt Valley, Md., and Chipping Sodbury, UK studios and several third-party developers.

Hasbro asserts that it is committed to keeping MicroProse alive by continuing to develop military sims like Gunship!, Tank Platoon!, and B-17 Flying Fortress II. X-COM Alliance for 2000 will release along with X-COM Genesis sometime for 2001.

Hasbro also hinted that it is already working on building titles around the Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering license, which Hasbro acquired when it purchased Wizards of the Coast.

While the Falcon series ends with 4.0, the company has continued to support the title with its latest 1.08 patch.

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