Hasbro building 3D iPhone add-on

Toy maker will debut ViewMaster-esque peripheral for Apple's mobile handsets next year for $30.


3D technology has become a fetish of sorts among some players in the gaming industry, who are convinced that the tri-dimensional way to play games is here to stay. Hasbro will be the latest company to get in on the 3D craze, as the Associated Press reports today that the toy maker will announce the iPhone and iPod Touch add-on My3D tomorrow. The device, which resembles Mattel's classic ViewMaster toy, will go on sale next spring and be priced at $30.

My3D will set interested parties back $30.
My3D will set interested parties back $30.

According to the AP, My3D provides a three-dimensional expansion to handheld content on Apple's mobile platforms, extending to gaming, virtual travel, and other entertainment content. Hasbro told the news service that development on the device was guided by Apple.

Interested gamers will be able to pick up applications that make use of My3D content through Apple's App Store. Software that makes use of the device will run the gamut of prices, and some apps will be free. The add-on, and its accompanying apps, will be targeted at both children and adults.

Hasbro isn't the only company targeting the 3D handheld space. Next year, Nintendo will release the 3DS, which will offer glasses-free mobile gaming.

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