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Harvey Birdman grounded until 2008

Capcom holds on to legal eagle's first gaming flight for a few more months to avoid some competition.


Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law needs some room to soar. That's the basic reasoning Capcom gave this weekend for delaying the release of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Wii until next year.

Capcom's senior director of strategic planning and research Christian Svensson responded to a message board post on Saturday asking why online retailers were listing the game with a 2008 launch date.

"The game is and has been finished, submitted and approved," Svensson wrote, "however we felt releasing the game on the same day 112 other SKUs released was not ideal for its chances. Retail buyers agreed."

"As such, we've opted to move the title out into a slightly cleaner release window. This will allow us to get on more shelves, do a bit more outreach to the media and hopefully get the fans in on the action a bit more."

Some of the competition Capcom hoped to get away from is actually going to be joining Harvey Birdman in 2008, as Electronic Arts today delayed Army of Two until next year as well. Both games had previously been scheduled for release on November 13.

[UPDATE] A Capcom representative has narrowed the new release window for Harvey Birdman, telling GameSpot that the title is now expected to ship in January.

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