Harvest Moon ushers in Happiness, Tranquility

Natsume plans to launch new DS, Wii titles this summer in belated honor of franchise's 10-year anniversary.


The original Harvest Moon released for the Super Nintendo planted its first seeds in Japan in 1996, with a localized edition landing on US shores a year later. Despite the 11 years that have passed since then, Japanese gamemaker Natsume said today that it would be celebrating the franchise's 10-year anniversary with two new installments in the franchise, slated to arrive for the Nintendo DS and Wii this summer.

On the Wii, Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility players will once again pick up the shovel and the spade to revive a town that has fallen into disrepair. With the protective Mother Tree mysteriously away from her post, players must rectify the island's decrepit condition by undertaking a variety of activities that foster the earth, and restore the spirits of townsfolk. Natsume promises Tree of Tranquility will make use of the Wii Remote in a way that will "give players the chance to feel like they're really farming."

In Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness for the DS, players will channel their inner Gilligan, attempting to create a paradise after being shipwrecked on an island. This island isn't deserted, however. Players will cultivate first their farm and then an entire town, with the goal of tying the knot with one of the locals. Island of Happiness will also feature online competitive play via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection.

Both Tree of Tranquility and Island of Happiness will prominently display 10th-anniversary-branded packaging, and Natusme will also be offering a line of collectible plushies as preorder bonuses at select retailers to honor the milestone.

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A truly amazing and awesome game, if you liked HM:MM and HM:AWL then this game is for you. So fun you won't be able to put the Wii Remote down! I absoloutly love it and can't wait to get HM:Island of Happiness too!

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I can't wait to get this on my DS. I think I'll hold off on the Wii version, since they're really the same thing in essence. I'd rather be able to farm on the go than to sit in my basement all day to dig up the dirt. Still, I'm sure both will be great, and I hope people don't rate them as poorly as they did the previous ones. People don't seem to like the "simple life" as much anymore....

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YAY!!! I can't wait! TOT looks really good as far as graphics go so i know it'll be cool!

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I'm disappointed with the graphics and color scheme of these games. I think the best looking game in this series was "A Wonderful Life" for gamecube. I'm tired of playing as people who look like 8 year old kids.

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Man, my sister pre-ordered these back in October.

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I love the harvest moon games :)

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Oooooh, free plushie...

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Been waiting so long for Wii one.. I want ds one too , but not as much.

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I hope it comes out this summer! I'm really looking foward to this game and everything that comes with it!!! ^.^ The one for wii sound Kul but i'll probibly end up buying the ds one!

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"Well you did comment. I said the same thing about Animal Crossing this time last year and now I'm hooked! My online friends keep trying to push this series on me. I may give this series a whirl with one of these new titles." Personally, my advice would be to try the SNES version from the virtual console first. That's the original Harvest Moon, and is the one that hooked me. But from people going from a newer one back to the original, I've heard complaints about it being simplified, and them not having features they're used to.

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I haven't played a Harvest Moon game since Friends of Mineral Town. The fishing rods kind of sketched me out, the descriptions were always like: "ing- Copper fish ne". Yeah....

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looking forward to wii harvest moon.

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Harvest Moon is great series. I didn't know it has been 10 yers.

Avatar image for OcTAByo

Where's the xbox 360 version?

Avatar image for BigDaddy973

Oh these games sound great, always a fun time and relaxing!

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This sounds great. I cannot wait to use a wii mote to milk a cow but I still wish you could use a gun. . . I mean seriously . . . what kind of farmer doesn't have a gun? Of all the versions I have played the classic SNES version still seems to be better than the old gameboy or newer Nintendo 64 version.

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So pumped for these games! I love the Harvest Moon series and I'm defenetly going to be pre-ordering these. Now I'm just going to have to sit and wait for a release date to surface.

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Nice, I haven't played a good Harvest Moon game in a while. I just hope it's more like A Wonderful Life than Magical Melody. One of the greatest beauties about A Wonderful Life was actually sticking with the game all throughout the character's life, from getting married, to having a baby, raising a child, and finally living until old age and dying. There was something really great about that that I haven't seen from any Harvest Moon games afterwards. Other than Rune Factory, they're starting to become a little too simplified imo.

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definitely need to go pre-order these before i forget...

Avatar image for DryvBy4Ever

Welp, I'm preordering. My favorite console series.

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It's been a while since A Wonderful Life. Maybe it's time I picked up a new Harvest moon game. :)

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This happened with Mega Man Anniversary Collection also. The real 15th anniversary was in late 2002. Yet the game didn't come out until mid-2004 on PS2/GC, and early 2005 on Xbox.

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Sounds cool, I'll be looking forward to both of those games! I hope Europe doesn't have to wait very long after the US release date though...

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I haven't played every Harvest Moon game, but the previous ones I have played were nice and fun. :) Hopefully this will be too. :D

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Definitely looking forward to this when I get a Wii.

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Not bad, I may try this is it gets released in the UK. I had the Playstation 1 version and spent many an hour on there so hopefully a new one will get me gaming on the DS.

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I'm a sucker for these games!

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Sounds good, but I want a PS3 version, lol.

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I hope the Wii one isnt screwed up by some mystical story line thing, I just liked A Wonderful Life, Hope thats all it is, that rocked!

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lol i see the wii version being epic fail as farming "techniques" are not fun no matter what the situation ... especially for a repetitive game as Harvest moon, don't get me wrong the DS version should rock ... i just see the Wii version gimmicking out.

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@chisoxrule idk im not in to this kind of games, im not in to the sims or not even second life. i always give a game liek this a try but for some reason i cant get in to it, i guess im one of those people that go against the crowd.

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Well you did comment. I said the same thing about Animal Crossing this time last year and now I'm hooked! My online friends keep trying to push this series on me. I may give this series a whirl with one of these new titles.

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i dont like this game or any other game like this,. so im not going to comment

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lol, reading all these comments makes we want to play again. Well now I have to go plug in the old N64, and pop in Harvest Moon.

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I agree with Plasma, just give us a fun farming sim, with entertaining and interesting characters and fun festivals! I don't want to save some fairy or what have you.

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Yeah, FoMT was great, imo its the best so far, im looking forward to this

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Hope its like Friends of Mineral Town.. I was ADDICTED.. Theres just something about this series that really draws you in. I bought Rune Factory but wasn't satisfied. It didn't feel like Harvest Moon, and felt really, gloomy.

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I had a Gameboy one and have been looking for one to top it since. Man, it's battery's dead, but I bought it impulsively when I was little, used, got highly dissapointed (like an idiot kid who got turned away by "farming") and never played it. About two or so years later, I got so madly addicted to it, it was awesome!

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Meh. I really hate the Harvest Moons when they try to have a storyline. I don't want to save a tree, or find out where some green-haired fairy went. I just want to farm. In my opinion, the series really went downhill after the PS2 game. I miss the days of Harvest Moon 64. That game is the ultimate Harvest Moon.

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I know I've already commented on this article but... Well I kind of wish that Natsume would actually for once put some real time and energy into this franchise again, to try and make some harvest moon games that are REALLY good. Don't you guys remember how good Harvest Moon 64 and Harvest Moon: Back to Nature/Friends of Mineral Town were? Those were easily the two best Harvest Moon games in the series. Ever since those games this series has gone massively downhill IMO. Harvest Moon games are fantastic when they make a good one, but it seems like they are rushing these out the door way too fast to really have any credibility with a larger audience, and thus get shoved to the side with the rest of the shovelware you see these days - which is unfortunate.

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I hope they're great installments!

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ahh i can't wait for this game to come out!

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@CasinoOutlaw247 Harvest Moon did not start on a Playstation, it started on the SNES. Back on topic, sounds good, but the only thing is I never played a Harvest Moon game in my life.

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Um, Harvest Moon for the PS3 please?! Harvest Moon was on the PS1, PS2, and now it needs to come back home NOW!

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...How about using spellcheck to make sure there are no typos? Great games, but seriously, all the ones I played had at least 3 spelling errors...and in AWL, how do you forget the script for half a TV show?! Sorry, just a grammatical freak...

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How about re-releasing Harvest Moon 64 on the DS? Since that Harvest Moon game was actually good.

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I love Harvest Moon games, at least when they're done right. The 3D versions are generally hard to control (it's difficult to tell which squares you're targetting), and the last DS version (not counting Rune Factory) was almost identical to the GBA version. Hopefully they'll have a nice, well-rounded version in at least one of these new titles.

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I want to play it now :(

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Sounds Cool :)