Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Remake Coming To Switch As The Next Story Of Seasons Game

The game is slated to hit Nintendo Switch Summer 2023.


If you've been longing to return to the tranquil land of Forgotten Valley, it's time to pack your bags--Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is getting the remake treatment. Announced during September 13's Nintendo Direct, the classic GameCube game is coming to Switch under a new name: Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

While the game will primarily be a faithful retelling of A Wonderful Life's original story, the developers at Marvelous USA have made some changes to both modernize the game and make it more inclusive. The most exciting addition is the option to now play as either a male, female, or non-binary protagonist. Regardless of what gender players choose, all eligible marriage candidates will be available to romance. In addition to these updates, the game will feature new events, character designs, visuals, and several system improvements.

Originally released on GameCube in 2004, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life follows your character as they restore their grandfather's farm to its former glory. In addition to farming, players will also be able to befriend the townsfolk, marry one of the game's romance options, and raise a child. It's remake--Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life--is slated to hit Nintendo Switch Summer 2023.

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