Harvest Moon 64 Gets its Date

Natsume's Harvest Moon scheduled to ship right after Harvest Moon for GBC.


Natsume says Harvest Moon 64, the company's crossover RPG and agricultural training sim originally on the SNES and Game Boy will be released for the N64 during late summer/early fall 1999, after the Game Boy Color version ships.

Harvest Moon 64 is expected to have about 50 different characters in what Natsume calls about 400 events. Perhaps taking advantage of the N64's architecture, Harvest Moon 64 will also have larger environments and more items such as animals to interact with than in previous versions.

So, any shooting, killing, screaming, yelling here? Nope. Harvest Moon 64 players, as in previous games, will find their rewards in doing good work and maintaining peace and harmony.

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