Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Spell Energy Is Now More Generous

Even the Quibbler can't quibble with this.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic's new augmented reality mobile game and the follow-up to Pokemon Go, appears to be a solid hit out of the gate for the company. But there's one persistent complaint that has been brought up by the community, and Niantic is already addressing it with a change.

In a note on the Wizards Unite subreddit, Niantic says it is making changes to the Spell Energy mechanic. New players will get 50 Spell Energy from the start rather than 25, and you can score extra Spell Energy from Inns, Greenhouses, and Daily Assignments. Specifically on the last point, you'll get 10 Spell Energy from the "To Collect an Ingredient or Portmanteau" assignment, up from five.

Spell Energy behaves similarly to Poke Balls in Pokemon Go, as you gather them both at physical locations and they serve as the fuel for your basic interactions in the game. The name may be confusing to new players, as many mobile games use an "energy" mechanic to limit how much you can play. Spell Energy in Wizards Unite is a limited resource, but it isn't time-gated.

The changes should make spell energy more plentiful overall, but if you still need to gather more, check out our tips on how to get Spell Energy. Or you can brush up on Potions and Wizarding Challenges. If you're a true Potterhead, you can even recreate your favorite characters' wands.

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