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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Pokemon Go Dev's New Game, Gets First Teaser Trailer

Niantic offers fans their first taste of its new Harry Potter mobile game.


Last year, Niantic, the studio behind Pokemon Go, announced it was working on a new mobile game based on the world of Harry Potter titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Since then, the company has shared very few details about the mysterious project, but we've now gotten our first taste of what it will be like thanks to a new teaser trailer.

Co-developed by WB Games, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite uses augmented reality and features similar gameplay mechanics to Pokemon Go. According to the studios, players will have to explore the real-world to "unravel a global mystery, cast spells, and encounter fantastic beasts and iconic characters along the way."

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The teaser trailer, which you can watch above, doesn't showcase any actual gameplay footage, but rather dramatizes the experience of playing the game; in it, you can see a girl warping into an alley to catch a snitch. Before disappearing, she casts a spell that leaves a poster on the wall, which warns that "the Wizarding World is at risk of exposure."

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Beyond that, however, we still don't know too much about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. When it first announced the title, Niantic said the game will "pioneer all new technology and gameplay mechanics" and take advantage of its full AR platform. "Players will learn spells, explore their real world neighborhoods and cities to discover and fight legendary beasts, and team up with others to take down powerful enemies," the developer wrote in its announcement.

Niantic and WB haven't announced a release date yet for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The game was originally slated to launch in 2018, but as we learned from the teaser trailer, it has now been pushed back to sometime in 2019.

Wizards Unite isn't the only new game from Niantic. The studio recently launched Ingress Prime, a revamped version of the original Ingress. Niantic also continues to roll out regular updates for Pokemon Go; it recently introduced a new Adventure Sync feature, which allows the game to track the distance you've walked, even when it is idle.

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