Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Hosting First Fan Festival Event Later This Summer

Send an owl to all your friends and get ready.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is off to a fast start, and soon you'll be able to meet up with other wizards and witches in real life as part of an official event. Niantic and WB Games have announced a real-world event or Wizards Unite to take place in Indianapolis starting on August 31.

During the event, participating SOS operatives can explore the White River State Park to find magical activity spilling over into the Muggle world. You'll be able to encounter fantastic beasts, find artifacts, and cast spells out in the wide open space of the park. As the first major event, Niantic hints that it will start to unravel the mystery of the Calamity that has smashed magic into Muggle spaces.

Tickets will be available for purchase, but Niantic appears to be expecting a crowd and will be setting up a lottery system for tickets. You can check the official event site for more details and watch for your chance to enter the lottery. The event will take place August 31 through September 1.

Niantic has hosted similar events for Pokemon Go on a fairly regular basis. Those events have typically also had some element or prize that goes out to those who couldn't attend as well.

"Real-world events are part of Niantic's DNA, bringing players from all walks of life together in the name of adventure, exploration and creating lasting friendships," said Niantic live events VP Bill Kilday, in the announcement. "The incredible White River State Park is surrounded by the rich culture and history of Indianapolis and will be the perfect location for our inaugural Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event."

The event is still a couple of months away, but in the meantime you can get your wizarding skills up to scratch by playing the free-to-play game now. Check out our challenges guide and how to get more spell energy, plus where to get ingredients for your potions.

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