Harry Potter spin-off films will get game adaptations

Just-announced movies based on <i>Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them</i> will be spun into video games from Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. today announced (via Deadline) a new series of Harry Potter spin-off films based on the Hogwarts textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them written by fictional author Newt Scamander, and said these properties will be developed into games as well.

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J.K. Rowling will make her screenwriting debut for the Fantastic Beasts films. The story will be original and set in the wizarding world, though it is not a sequel nor a prequel to the Harry Potter universe, but rather an extension of the fiction.

Fantastic Beasts will start in New York, 70 years before Harry Potter's story begins.

Video games based on the popular Harry Potter films were developed and published by Electronic Arts. It is unclear if Warner Bros. will develop the new Fantastic Beasts games internally through its Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment label or license them out.

No release date for the theatrical release of the first Fantastic Beasts movie was announced, nor were details regarding platforms for the tie-in games.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was first mentioned in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as a required textbook for Hogwarts students. J.K. Rowling released a real-world version of the book in 2001 to support the Comic Relief charity.

The most recent Harry Potter game was 2012's Kinect-required Harry Potter for Kinect.

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Avatar image for BradBurns

Harry Pooter.

That is all.

Avatar image for Helios_Sun

Lol movie games are bad.

Avatar image for gunzlingerbila

I really enjoyed exploring the Hogwarts castle in Chamber of Secrets on PSOne. after that all were utter shit :/

Avatar image for DarthLod

And the game will flop, just like most all games based on movies do. Pointless garbage.

Avatar image for soulless4now

I look forward to the movies, but I don't' care about the games.

Avatar image for spikepigeo

Another HP movie is never a bad thing. I hope. But a game? Gonna be utter shite like the first ones (lego, being the exception)

Avatar image for IntegraBella

Another set of films based off the Harry Potter world? Damn man. Here I thought that was already over, but I guess if anyone sees an opportunity to make more money, they'll go for it. Next thing we know, a few more Twilight series movies will be coming out -.-

Avatar image for deactivated-59aca989c9399

Chances are it will suck like nearly everyone other Harry Potter game so I have no hopes for it.

Avatar image for AC-FAN-I-AM

Excited for the movies. not sure about the video games.

Avatar image for dylan417

We need a Hogwarts RPG.

Avatar image for Blu3V3nom07


Avatar image for shadowkratos774

I fucking knew it. I told my friends no franchise is immune to corporate greed.

Avatar image for gruoch1


Yes, how dare they give HP fans more of what they want!!!!

Avatar image for plaintomato

@shadowkratos774 lol. evil corporate greed. how dare they give people more of what they want and not do it for free.

yeah, it's going to be crap, but the kiddies want it and the parents will buy it. but they should not do it - for the sanctity of the franchise (the franchise that is produced by spending money to make money).

down with entertainment!

Avatar image for UofODucks8

@plaintomato @shadowkratos774

Yet, how ever many are excited for this there are just as many that are not. I'm a massive HP fan and this does nothing for me. It screams "cash grab" and they're just milking it. Multiple films based off a kids book that doesn't even span a hundred pages? Meh.

Avatar image for UofODucks8

@gruoch1 @UofODucks8 @plaintomato @shadowkratos774 Why? Because I'm not a huge fan of a side book that's 42 pages long getting multiple films? Yeah, okay. I've read the entire series multiple times over since they were first released. I love HP. I read Fantastic Beast once or twice when it was first released and just thought "ok, cool". Sorry I'm not excited about it getting multiple films.

Avatar image for gruoch1

@UofODucks8 @plaintomato @shadowkratos774

"Multiple films based off a kids book that doesn't even span a hundred pages? Meh."

You don't really sound like a "Massive HP fan" to me.

Avatar image for punisher41542o

@UofODucks8 @plaintomato @shadowkratos774 i disagree. jk owns most of the properties. she herself is writing the movies. i think she is a fantastic writer who may be trying to spread her wings in a new media and is using the existing universe that SHE created to try. She had more then enough say in all 8 movies to give me the faith that she would no let fans of her work down, for cash. i for one cant wait for the movies. im sure the games on the other hand will be crap. =)

Avatar image for BelaidKL

This... Will probably be split into 2 films.. And generate over a billion dollars... Just because it has J.K.Rowling attached to it, and has something to do with Harry Potter...

Avatar image for beniboybling

This has little to do with videogames, but interesting nonetheless.

Avatar image for cheese232323

@Darth_Aloysius "these properties will be developed into games as well."

Avatar image for beniboybling

@cheese232323 @Darth_Aloysius Well its kind of stating the obvious isn't it. All that's happening here is a new movie is being announced, with the inevitable videogame spin-offs to follow.

Avatar image for Hurvl

Lol, 8 movies weren't enough, huh? Since the last movie was the fourth most successful ever, I guess they didn't want to kill off the magic golden goose. If it's as good as the Spiderwick Chronicles, I'll probably watch it, but ALL of the games seemed mediocre at best.

Avatar image for delete-easycomeeasygo

As long as Daniel Radcliffe is not in the Spin-offs, I'm okay with this.

Avatar image for AvatarMan96

@EasyComeEasyGo I doubt he will be, considering the plot and such.

Avatar image for Veraxious

Strictly speaking, Harry Potter hasn't been milked at all. it was always planned as 8 books/films. It has never gone beyond what was planned until now. I don't understand why people in the comments are upset by this, you don't need to watch or play any of it, Harry Potter has a massive fanbase, which is the sole reason it is continuing.

If you're good at something, never do it for free.

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

@Veraxious Because if you support easy money grabbing, in a creative industry, you're just opening the flood gates to more business and less imagination... But in the end it's your call if you'd rather have tons of spammed out crap that makes some other guy a load of money rather than people trying to make interesting storys, I'm not going to argue, but I will point and laugh after it all goes to shit.

Avatar image for Veraxious

@JimmeyBurrows @Veraxious I personally don't care for the games, I was mainly referring to the films. That statement is entirely false and incorrect tough. If it were true gaming would have ceased to exist a long time ago, buddy.

Avatar image for chibi-acer

@Veraxious Well, they did make Harry Potter Legos, but they haven't over-milked the franchise.

Avatar image for AvidMystGun

@Veraxious I agree with you completely, but with the world we live in -- this is what we deal with, unfortunately... Pity.

I can only assume that most people who say, "milk the cow" either don't like the series and are trying to belittle it, or are simply following trends they think are cool? *Shrug*

Avatar image for UofODucks8

@AvidMystGun Nope, I am a massive fan of the series and I still don't see the point. Magical Beast never needed a film adaptation in the first place, but multiple films?! Sorry, that's ridiculous.

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

@AvidMystGun If you learn from history, then it's a very fair and likely assumption.

Avatar image for AvidMystGun

@UofODucks8 @AvidMystGun I don't agree. It was always a given that there would create a movie for ALL of her books, regardless of if the previous one was good or not. Therefore, that couldn't be seen as, "milking it". They stuck to their terms and did what was promised. This is the first thing outside of that promise, and it's immediately been labelled as, "milking it"? Doesn't seem fair...

Avatar image for AlexFili

Wizards in the 1920s in New York? Count me in!

Avatar image for ghettalife

@AlexFili Wizards in 2060's NYC would be cooler. Maybe they could open a time warp and send back the phone I lost on the B train last year...

Avatar image for funkyzoom

Come on, enough of this Harry Potter idiocy . This entire Harry potter stuff (including books, movies and games) is HIGHLY over-rated.

Avatar image for deskp

@funkyzoom Doesent matter if its overrated as long as people still enjoy it.

Avatar image for The_Gaming_Baby


Avatar image for Bowser05

I'm really curious how they are going to make a movie and a full story out of that book. I'd much rather see Tales of Beedle the Bard but I trust Rowling so I'll give it a chance. Meanwhile, no more Harry Potter games please.

Avatar image for toecutter00

I guess it's time to milk the magic cow.

Avatar image for SirNormanislost

@toecutter00 not really....

Avatar image for GeneralMufinMan


Avatar image for punksterdaddy

well at least it won't be EA in charge after those horrible deathly hallows games.

Avatar image for somatzu


Avatar image for Riddick123


Avatar image for Techn1c4l

Got milk?

Avatar image for vongroove

Harry who?

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