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Harry Potter Quidditch Game Announced, Playtests Start Soon

Introducing Quidditch Champions, an online multiplayer game focused on the magical sport.

Hogwarts Legacy did not include a Quidditch component, but fans of Harry Potter and the in-universe sport are getting a Quidditch-specific game in the form of Quidditch Champions.

From developer Unbroken Studios, Quidditch Champions appears to be a Quidditch game with stylized graphics. Pre-release playtests for the game are in the works, and fans can register on the Quidditch Champions website. The tests are described as being "limited" in nature.

According to GameRant, Quidditch Champions--described as a "fast-paced, online multiplayer game"--will hold its playtests on April 21 and April 22. The game is coming to PC and console, and has reportedly been in development for several years. Players will be able to create and customize their character, but that's all that WB Games has confirmed so far about the title.

Unbroken Studios is a co-developer on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League alongside main studio Rocksteady. Quidditch Champions and Kill the Justice League share a publisher in WB Games.

Quidditch Champions follows the last Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy, which released in February and was a massive commercial success. It sold 12 million copies and drove $850 million in revenue over its first two weeks.

The game is coming from WB Games, Portkey Games, and Wizard World, the name for the wider Harry Potter universe run by controversial author J.R. Rowling. She has made transphobic statements. In other Harry Potter news, WB Discovery just announced a 10-year Harry Potter reboot TV series that will air on the streaming platform Max.

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