Harry Potter Producer Making Movie About Warrior Cats

David Heyman signs on to produce a film version of the "Warriors" children's book series.


In addition to producing a new Willy Wonka movie for Warner Bros., Harry Potter veteran David Heyman will produce a live-action movie about warrior cats.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Heyman has signed on to produce Alibaba Pictures' live-action version of the children's book franchise Warriors. Alibaba picked up the rights to the British book series, which tells the story of four groups of wild cats. There have been 36 books in the core Warriors series, which have sold more than 30 million copies globally.

The Warriors movie will follow the story of main character Rusty, a feline raised by humans who later joins up with a "wild cat clan in the forest."

"He's stigmatized, he's an outsider, he is not from the forest, he's lived in the comfort of a human home," Heyman said about Rusty. "So it's about him getting acclimatized into this place, earning his place in spite of great prejudice against him and ultimately rising up."

There could be many more Warriors movies after the first one, according to Heyman. Not only are more books being written, but each has "such a lot of narratives," he said. "So there will be as many films as long as we can keep telling interesting stories and the audience is receptive of it."

Heyman's current task for the Warriors movie is to find a screenwriter. As of yet, no announcements have been made about a cast, director, or release date. Go to The Hollywood Reporter to get the full story.

Heyman produced all the Harry Potter movies and the recently released spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As mentioned, he's also on board for a new Willy Wonka movie that will reportedly focus on the candy-maker's "early adventures."

He's also involved with the Fantastic Beasts sequel, recently discussing why Johnny Depp is the right actor to play the evil wizard Grindelwald.

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