Harrison Ford Proves That He's The Ideal Marvel Actor In New Interview

He'll tell you absolutely everything he knows.


Marvel Studios, like SHIELD in Marvel fiction, is a secretive organization that oversees an initiative to introduce the Avengers and other heroes to the world. They don't like spoilers slipping out ahead of time--a stray spoiler could have a domino effect of revealing information about one movie, which implies information about another movie, and so on. And that's why Harrison Ford is the perfect guy to take a role in a Marvel movie.

Harrison Ford stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. After talking about the de-aging technology used in that movie, Colbert asks Ford if he can tell the audience anything about the upcoming Captain America: New World Order film.

"I am allowed to tell you everything I know," Harrison says. "Ask me anything."

The response flummoxed Colbert, who struggled to come up with a question, before finally asking "Where does the film take place?"

"I don't know," Ford replied.

If you've ever watched Harrison Ford in an interview--especially any about Star Wars, another film series with a dedicated fanbase and detailed lore, you'll know that beyond the information directly pertinent to his character, Ford doesn't bother to retain anything about the script or details of these films. Even then, he only learns the bare minimum that he needs to. It doesn't seem to stop him from putting in consistently enjoyable performances in his movies, and it's always a source of humor in interviews like these.

Every TV host is eager to be the one who got a showstopping detail about the MCU out of one of its actors. When it comes to Ford, you're not going to get a thing out of him--he just doesn't care. You can't spoil movies that you don't know anything about. We can almost imagine Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige smiling and nodding as he watches the interview.

Ford joined the MCU officially in October 2022, when it was announced that he would be replacing the late William Hurt as Secretary Thaddeus Ross, whom he first played in 2008's The Incredible Hulk through 2021's Black Widow, before his death in March 2022. Details on the movie are light, but it will star Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, the new Captain America following Steve Rogers' retirement. The movie will also pick up on one of the MCU's oldest cliffhangers. At the end of The Incredible Hulk, a stinger hinted at the appearance of The Leader, one of Hulk's arch-nemeses, and a really annoying Marvel Snap card. He'll reportedly show up in New World Order as one of the antagonists. Captain America: New World Order is scheduled to premiere on May 3, 2024.

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