Harpoon 4 down, but not out

Ubisoft halts naval combat simulator's development, but says it is shopping the half-finished game around.


Ubisoft sunk Harpoon 4 today, stopping all current and future work on the project. In a statement, Ubi marketing vice president Tony Kee cited product quality as the reason behind the decision. "Ubisoft is committed to making the best military simulation games possible, and unfortunately, the Harpoon IV project wasn't meeting this goal," he said.

The news was an unwelcome shock to fans of the veteran naval simulator series. However, Ubi's announcement did offer hope for Harpoon fans. "Discussions are underway to license the source code to a third-party group within the community in order to finish the game," said the statement, meaning there is a good chance another company will pick Harpoon 4 up.

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