Harmonix cops to Rock Band problems

Developer says it's working to make non-Rock Band PS3 controllers compatible and pledges to replace faulty hardware.


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A rock band without turmoil is hardly a rock band at all. It's appropriate, then, that Harmonix is experiencing some issues with the launch of its multidisciplinary rhythm game Rock Band.

First and foremost, PlayStation 3 Guitar Hero III controllers had originally been expected to work with Rock Band, but that turned out not to be the case. This might have been a mild inconvenience for those who purchased the $170 Rock Band bundle that includes drums, a microphone, and a guitar. It was a much bigger deal for buyers of the $60 stand-alone version of the game, since individual Rock Band instruments won't be sold separately until next year.

However, Harmonix today told would-be rock stars steeling themselves for many-a "Silent Night" that it is working to fix compatibility issues with PS3 guitar controllers. But given Harmonix's split from Activision-owned Guitar Hero publisher RedOctane, the GHIII controller--which is the only other PS3 guitar peripheral on the market--is never mentioned by name.

"Some of you have contacted us about the PS3 edition of Rock Band--from issues with guitar compatibility to frustration that stand-alone guitars and drums for Rock Band have not yet hit stores," a Harmonix representative said. "Please know that these issues have our full attention. We are listening and we read everything that is posted on our forums. We are committed to providing the best play experience possible and working hard to ensure that we solve these problems as soon as possible. We promise to keep you updated and, in the meantime, we thank you for your patience."

There's also no guarantee that those who went with the bundle will be spared Rock Band-related headaches. After numerous reports of broken strum bars on the Fender Stratocaster guitar controller, Harmonix also acknowledged that there were some issues with the first batch of the guitars.

"As sometimes happens when new products first go into manufacturing, we discovered an imperfection with the strum bar in an early production run of guitars that were shipped at launch," the representative said. "We want to inform you that we have since identified and fixed the issue in all subsequent production runs of the guitars."

As for reports of other Rock Band hardware failures--such as snapping drum-kit pedals--Harmonix and publisher MTV Games pledged to stand by all the game's hardware. "If you are experiencing a problem with your guitar or any of your other Rock Band instruments, simply visit the customer support website and we will send a replacement immediately."

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Unfortunatly, I have looked everywhere, and cannot seem to find the special package deal, only the game itself

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I really don't like the Strat guitar that came with the game. The strum bar is junk. Its way to mushy and makes it hard to play. I've been using my 360 GHIII controller for the game and it works a lot better. The Strat would be cooler if they tightend up that strum bar so that it would click when you strummed. It makes the game a lot funner.

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I fixed my own strum bar. you can open up the guitar and identify the problem yourself pretty easily. at first I wanted to be able to use the Guitar Hero Les Paul, but I've come to like the Rock Band strat better than the Guitar Hero guitar.

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wen is it out for europe

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Good thing they'll replace any instrument, both my friends bought the game and both drumsets are having major response problems.

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Overall, I didn't like the Rock Band guitar much compared to the Guitar Hero II guitar for the 360. It was very light and didn't feel very substantial in my hands. Maybe I'm just too used to the GH guitar, but eh.

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It's so good to know that my replacement guitar that I am to recieve in the mail soon won't break on me also. At least it better not if they have identified the problem and fixed it. Thank god that I can also finally get 4 people at once on this game. I hope the PS3 gh guitar compatibility get solved soon.

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At least they can fix the guitar peripheral compatibility via patch, or the next PS3 update. Too bad about the flimsy strum bars in that first retail batch.

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FINALLY they admit theres a problem with the guitar. I thought I was lucky, but no, it broke...

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I hope I don't get any problems when I get my bundle but at least theres a warranty.

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So glad I didn't rush out and buy this....