Harley Quinn's New Animated Show Gets A Full-Length Trailer

Brace yourself for blood and f-bombs.


The DC Universe's roster of original programming is about to get a little bit bigger. At the end of this month, the brand-new Harley Quinn animated show will premiere on the streaming service, complete with all the ultra-violent, slapstick mayhem you'd expect from the Clown Queen of Crime as she returns to her cartoon roots. But if you're expecting a resurgence of the Harley you remember from your Batman: The Animated Series nostalgia, you might be in for a surprise. Check out the full-length trailer for the show to get an idea of just what you're in for.

If f-bombs and dirty jokes are your cup of tea, you're definitely in for a treat. The show, seemingly channeling other adult animated favorites like The Venture Brothers and Rick & Morty, takes Harley out on her own in search of a crew in Gotham City. But of course, finding reliable villains is hard even on the best day--and harder still when you're trying to duck and dodge around your horrible ex, The Joker. But Harley's nothing if not determined and hatches a scheme to enlist the worst of the worst. Which is to say, the bad guys who are just objectively horrible at everything they do.

Seen in the trailer, Harley winds up mingling with C and D list DC rogues like King Shark, Dr. Psycho, Clayface, and Felix Faust as she goes galavanting around Gotham, running into fan favorites like Bane, Two Face, and Scarecrow. All the while, she's got her sardonic best friend Poison Ivy (channeling the dead-pan humor of someone like Daria of MTV's Daria) to help keep her on the level.

Harley Quinn hits the DC Universe streaming service on November 29.

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