Harley Quinn Season 2: New Trailer Introduces Some Batman Favorites

DC Universe's streaming Harley Quinn cartoon is coming back with more bloody, brutal fun.


DC Universe's animated Harley Quinn TV show is returning for a second season, and bringing with it some familiar faces. Check out the Season 2 trailer at EW to catch your first glimpse of animated Mr. Freeze and Catwoman.

By the looks of the new trailer, that trend will be continuing. Series regular Killer Shark gasps and wonders if the sparkling, ice-shrouded Mr. Freeze is Beyonce. Bane complains that he's still sitting on a "g** d*** folding chair" during a meet-up of super villains. There's, of course, also plenty of blood and genitalia gags to go around as well--just to really emphasize the sort of thing you should expect.

Raunchy, hyper violent, and clearly inspired by adult cartoons like The Venture Brothers, Harley Quinn debuted last year with a first season that was as vulgar as it was charming. In GameSpot's review, we called it "a great animated series and unlike anything else you'll find on DC Universe--or in the superhero genre. It's not afraid to be dirty and has an inspiring story at its heart."

And if that doesn't sell you on the show, check out this clip released earlier this month where Harley unceremoniously bites of the Penguin's nose. You know, like you do.

Harley Quinn Season 2 hits the DC Universe streaming service April 3.

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