Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft Impressions

We watch the boys defy their mother's orders in this Wii adventure.


The Hardy Boys are barely old enough to drive, but that doesn't stop them from thwarting the ignorant adults who are always getting caught in their own web of lies. Hardy Boy: The Hidden Theft is a brand-new adventure in the series, and though it borrows some of the main characters from the literary works, the story is brand-new. We watched a demonstration of their daring escape today.

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When a rich old man has the contents of his safe mysteriously stolen right from under his upturned nose, he immediately calls the best crime busters in the city: the cops. Of course, the police officers know their limitations, so they call up the Hardy boys to do their jobs for them. Classy folk, but the Hardys get results, so the boys in blue don't care about this breach of duty. The cops clearly recognize the brothers' brilliance, but their family does not, given that the boys find themselves trapped in their house, grounded after they were caught speeding.

We saw the boys use their problem-solving abilities to escape the vicelike hold that their mother has over them. During some moments, the boys will have to separate, and we saw this situation demonstrated for us. Frank may be older and wiser, but he fears trees above everything else, so he's too scared to climb out the window and shimmy down his oxygen-producing friend. Younger brother Joe has no such reservations, though, so he leaps down in style, tasting the sweet air of freedom.

Once outside, Joe rings the doorbell and dives into the bushes, drawing his nosey mother away from the kitchen. Once distracted, Frank could sneak down stares, grabbing the motorcycle keys from the kitchen table. The Hardy Boys don't have any respect for lawbreakers or their parents as they willfully disobey their orders, escaping punishment like master criminals.

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We were told that Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft would clock in at more than 20 hours, a sizable length for an adventure game. The game is currently scheduled for release this October, so check back later to see if the boys can foil another caper.

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