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Hard-To-Find Special-Edition Pro Controller For Switch Is Back In Stock

The rare Splatoon 3 Pro Controller has a splatastic design.


Though an excellent gamepad, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is often only available in one look: plain black. Nintendo has never released alternate colors. That said, there have been several special-edition models themed around popular games, including Splatoon 3. While it's not on sale, the Splatoon 3-themed Pro Controller is extremely difficult to find for retail price. That's not the case today. The eye-catching Splatoon 3 controller is up for grabs for its $75 retail price at Walmart.

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Featuring colorful handles and splat patterns, the Splatoon 3 Pro Controller looks great and would be a cool addition to any collection, regardless of whether you're a Splatoon fan.

Outside of the stylish design, this special-edition controller is the exact same as the standard Pro Controller. It has a very comfortable shape to hold in your hands for extended periods of time, the big face buttons make it intuitive to use for younger members of the family, and the triggers are exquisitely shaped.

The other big claim to fame on the Pro Controller is its battery life of approximately 40 hours from a full charge, which can easily last through a few marathon gaming sessions before it needs a recharge. HD Rumble capabilities, built-in Amiibo functionality with an NFC touchpoint, and a translucent casing so that you can see the inner workings.

The other big benefit to owning one of these is that you aren't limited to using it just on your Switch. You can use the Pro Controller via Bluetooth or a USB-C wired connection on PC and Mac. Plus, it's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

A few other Nintendo deals are also now available. Keeping things linked to Splatoon 3, new Splatoon Amiibo are now available to preorder, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom just got a nice discount, and the 100-hour JRPG epic Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available at a 25% discount.

And if you know someone who needs a Nintendo Switch, the Switch OLED is on sale for a phenomenal price. You can also save on the Zelda-themed Switch OLED.

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