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Happy Death Day 3: Jason Blum Wants To Make It And Here's How

Everyone wants Happy Death Day 3, including Jason Blum, head of Blumhouse Productions.

It was back in February 2019 that fans of the first Happy Death Day movie were treated to a sequel to the time loop horror-comedy: Happy Death Day 2U. Since then, viewers have been clamoring for a followup, given that the film ends on a cliffhanger, but it's never been a certainty that they'd actually get one. After all, the film made about half of what the first did at the box office. While both were produced on very small budgets, the diminishing returns could be enough for producers to move on.

Thankfully for this franchise, though, that doesn't seem to be the case. While director Christopher Landon and star Jessica Rothe have been vocal supporters of getting to do a third Happy Death Day movie, they're not alone. Speaking to GameSpot, producer and Blumhouse Productions founder Jason Blum was adamant that the story gets a proper ending.

"It's a trilogy. I've got to make the third one," Blum said, while promoting the Welcome to the Blumhouse movies that debut on Amazon Prime Video in October. With another movie from Landon, the serial killer body swap film Freaky, set to hit theaters soon, Blum thinks the time to strike might be soon. "Maybe after Freaky we'll figure it out," he hinted. "Both of us really want to do it. So hopefully we'll figure it out."

Should that come to pass, though, its release pattern would likely change. "That's a perfect [premium video-on-demand] movie," Blum explained. "Universal has this agreement--17 days in the theater. The same as Freaky, 17 days in a theater and then [it] goes to PVOD. We should make Happy Death Day 3 for that system. I mean, if that movie isn't right for it, I don't know what is. So that's what it would be."

What's more, Blum sees that being the route for the future of Blumhouse's theatrical films. "I think most of my movies going forward will work very well in that system--will work very well with a shortened theatrical window, then going straight to premium VOD," he said. "I think that that system will be very good for Blumhouse."

It'll be interesting to see what that kind of release does for Freaky, which is scheduled to hit theaters for a brief window on November 13, before moving to PVOD. Given that many movie theaters throughout the United States remain closed, PVOD may be the only way many audiences will get to see the film.

Whatever the case, the possibility of getting a third Happy Death Day movie is alive and well--unlike main character Tree (Jessica Rothe) who dies again and again and again in the films.

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