Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show First Look

Hannah Montana is bringing her tour to the PSP, and you've got a backstage pass.


Disney Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show

The real-life Miley Cyrus might be looking to break away from her insanely popular Hannah Montana alter ego, but you can bet that Disney isn't ready to let Hannah go just yet. Based on the megapopular Disney show, Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show is the first Hannah Montana game for the PSP, and one of the few games on the handheld aimed squarely at tween girls.

If there's a word that best describes Rock Out the Show, it would be "customization." Nearly everything in this game is meant to be customized to the exact specifications of the person playing it. You play as Miley Cyrus, who, with her Dad out of the country, is responsible for organizing and running a worldwide Hannah Montana tour. As you play through the game, you'll visit numerous tour stops in places such as Tokyo, Venice, and Nashville, and at each stop, you'll be in charge of calling all the shots for the show.

"Calling the shots" essentially comes down to making every design decision imaginable for the show. From choosing the exact stage set from a load of unlockable options, to outfitting Hannah, her band, and her four backup singers in a variety of different getups, the sheer amount of preshow customization boggles the mind--unless, we suppose, you happen to be an 8-year-old girl.

Once you've organized the show the way you see fit, you can choose to play the concert, which involves a bunch of simple minigames that differ depending on the instrument you're focusing on in the song. At the end of the concert, you'll be able to check out how well you did, not just in the performance itself but also your level of customization in making the show your own. Playing through concerts will unlock new items that you can use for later concerts as well.

Although the game focuses on Miley's tour management and Hannah's onstage performances, you can expect to see characters from the television series making appearances in the game. The game is largely focused on the single-player aspect, but players who've unlocked similar content to one another will be able to wirelessly share their concert designs. There will even be some free downloadable content available on the PlayStation network on the game's release, including goodies such as new outfits for Hannah and her backup singers, and more. Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show will be shipping to stores on August 4.

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