Hank's Beer From Breaking Bad, Schraderbrau, Might Become Real

Drink up.


A fictional beer from the Breaking Bad universe might be tapped for a real-life promotion.

Sony Pictures Television, the production company behind Vince Gilligan's celebrated crime drama, has filed a handful of trademark applications that suggest some kind of real version of the character Hank Schrader's in-universe home-made beer, Schraderbrau, may be produced in real life.

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One of the trademark applications filed with the United States Patent & Trademark Office this month is for a beer called Schraderbrau. Another one is for "Luminous signs," yet another covers drinking glasses and bottle openers, and the fourth is for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats.

Put together, it would appear that Sony is trying to continue to make money off the popularity of Breaking Bad by bringing its fictional beer--and related merchandise--to the real world in some capacity. The wacky and wonderful Schraderbrau logo can be seen in Breaking Bad S2 Episode 5, and we sure do hope this makes it into whatever real beer Sony may be creating.

In another Breaking Bad episode, Hank says Schraderbrau is "home-brewed to silky perfection," but that's as close as we ever got to finding out what kind of beer it is. Its light colour suggests it may be a pilsner, but this is only a guess. At another point we see Hank bottling his brew in his garage, and some bottles explode because they became over-carbonated.

Breaking Bad premiered in January 2008, so last year marked its 10th anniversary. The show earned numerous awards, and it ended in 2013 after five seasons. A Breaking Bad movie is currently in development, and Aaron Paul might be coming back to play Jesse Pinkman again.

Would you be interested in sipping some Schraderbrau? Let us know in the comments below!

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