Hands-onWild Wild Racing

TOKYO - We take Imagineer's new PlayStation2 racing game for a spin and deliver some impressions.


TOKYO – Imagineer's greatest push at the Spring Tokyo Game Show was Wild Wild Racing for the PlayStation2. Wild Wild Racing is a dune buggy racing game that sports some fairly nice graphics, even though we could tell it's development is pretty early. We saw a lot of pop-up and frame rate drop at this point, but if and when those issues are fixed, it could look quite nice.

Wild Wild Racing's controls seemed pretty solid and navigating the buggy around the other vehicles wasn't a problem. One of the game's better aspects is that you can drive most anywhere – up hills, over bushes, etc. This allows you to sometimes get ahead by being crafty.

Wild Wild Racing for the PlayStation2 is slated for a June release in Japan.

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