We take an early look at Empire Interactive's latest puzzle game. Over 20 new screenshots inside.


Empire Interactive recently sent over the latest build of its upcoming puzzle game, Sheep. The main objective of the game is to successfully guide a flock of sheep through different kinds of obstacles, which isn't as easy as it might seem. There are four different shepherds to choose from - two humans, BoPeep and Adam Halfpint, and two dogs, Motley and Shep. Each of these characters has unique attributes, such as extra speed, which will make that character better for herding in certain situations than the other playable characters. There are even different kinds of sheep with different temperaments, forcing you to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Different stages also require that you use different strategies. Thankfully, Sheep offers a training mode to help you get acquainted with different techniques. For example, one of the first training missions places you in the immediate vicinity of a large flock, which you must guide along a series of arrows before you can reach the next area. Using too much speed causes the flock to split and individual sheep to stray from the flock, making it incredibly difficult to get the flock back together. Once in the regular game, you not only have to worry about keeping the flock together, but you also have to keep an eye out for tractors, electrified fences, land mines, and other nasty devices that can quickly lead to the demise of your flock. Fortunately, if most of your sheep are taken out by electrified fences or land mines, there are more sheep scattered across the landscape that are ready to join the flock.

We'll have more on this unique puzzle game in our upcoming preview.

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