Hands OnDaikatana for Game Boy Color

TOKYO - Kemco shows off the Game Boy version of Daikatana at Space World.


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TOKYO - Of all the versions of Daikatana, you would expect the Game Boy Color version to offer much in the way of gameplay, especially when compared to its first-person shooter brethren. The action-role playing title isn't a first-person shooter at all. In fact, it's a little closer to Secret of Mana or The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. The plot and setting stays close to the roots of Daikatana as players travel through time, fighting enemies and solving puzzles in dungeons. The version shown here at Space World is a little on the easy side, mostly because Hiro can swing his sword extremely rapidly. The game also utilizes a jump button so players can expect elements of platform games like jumping over obstacles and crossing rivers. Although Daikatana for the PC didn't live up to everybody's expectations, the Game Boy Color version certainly shows promise.

Daikatana for the Game Boy Color is expected to hit Japanese store shelves on October 31 with a price tag of 4200yen.

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