Hands-OnCapcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro

We take a look at the Japanese final of the fighting-game update.


We've received a copy of the updated version of Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 today and have been playing around with it quite a bit. The game is essentially identical to its predecessor, barring the addition of two new characters, a handful of stages, a nonfunctioning (in the U.S., anyway) network mode, and a handful of minor tweaks.

Of primary importance are the game's new two characters--Capcom's Dan Hibiki and SNK's Joe Higashi. Both are boasting new, well-detailed sprites, which while remaining faithful to the characters' classic designs, add some new touches to their profiles. Dan, for one, has a five o'clock shadow, while Joe's muscles look more defined. Both characters also look a good deal angrier than they did before.

As far as move-sets go, Dan's remains largely unchanged from his repertoire in the Alpha series. He has a fireball, a dragon punchlike move, and a flying flurry of kicks. His fireball--which he hurls with one hand--is more effective in this version of the game, as the distance it travels is significantly farther than ever. Sadly, it seems as if his dragon punch hasn't benefited from an increase in priority--most moves basically cut through it unhampered. His set of supermoves is identical to the set in the Alpha series He has a super version of the fireball and dragon punch, as well as a pretty powerful (but poor in reach) flurry attack. One can't forget his supertaunt, though, which also makes a return. He goes through the same motions as before, only now you'll benefit from your entire supergauge being filled at the end of the sequence.

Joe Higashi, on the other hand, doesn't make out as well as Dan. He has exactly three special moves--his tornado-hurl, flying kick, and tiger-knee--and a single super. Using the strongest version of his tornado-hurl seems pretty effective, as it shoots forth a veritable swarm of the things, and likewise with his single super, which summons forth a localized, yet highly powerful tornado that beats the bodies of those in its range. His tiger-knee is basically a dragon punch, though the angle of ascent is much more severe. Finally, his flying kick is probably what Capcom based Juni's dreadful move on in Alpha 3: It simply causes Joe to directly fly into you with his foot.

The game's four new stages seem very SNK-influenced in their design. Two of them are fairly nondescript (an elegant dining room and a dark summit, respectively) but the other two are possessed by a definite sense of history; one depicts the very same giant, god statues rendered in an old Art of Fighting level, albeit in stages of disrepair. Another takes place on a foggy mountain peak, with what could definitely be Nakoruru's village lying in the background.

Capcom vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro has not been confirmed for a US release at this time. The game's basic feature set is identical to its predecessor's, however, save for the addition of the new characters and stages. The game does, though, come with all of its predecessor's hidden features unlocked, so players who've left their copies lying around with locked features may want to check this one out. Look for an import review soon.

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