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We spend some time with the latest entry in the Bomberman series for the GameCube.


At Majesco's press event today we had a chance to spend some time with Bomberman Generations. The game is a 3D platformer-style take on traditional Bomberman action. You will navigate through five massive worlds that offer 16 areas. Along the way, you'll encounter new characters, such as charaboms, that can be collected and merged together to create even stronger versions of them, which will prove useful in advancing through the game. In addition, you will be able to collect elements that can be used to create new bomb types such as water, ice, and wind bombs. Bomberman veterans will also recognize the standard array of power-ups that increase the speed and the range of your bombs. You will also be able to create superbombs. In addition to the single-player game, Bomberman Generations will also feature a 2D-style multiplayer mode that offers five game modes spread out over eight stages.

Graphically Bomberman Generations looks great with its distinctive cel-shaded look. The graphical style adds personality to the brightly colored world, which features a cartoony design. Real-time cinemas drive the single-player game, setting up boss fights and encounters with nonplayer characters. The game played identically to the build of 2807899 Bomberman Generations we played in Japan earlier this year and offered an engaging experience.

Control was solid and the gameplay was equally good. Obviously the game's multiplayer mode shined, threatening to overshadow the single-player game, and offered plenty to engage a total of four players. Bomberman Generations is currently slated to hit the GameCube this May.

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