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Hands-on: US Dino Crisis

Capcom delivers the US version of Dino Crisis to the offices. Check out the first screens and impressions.


Representatives from Capcom were good enough to show up at our offices on Tuesday, and brought a US version of Dino Crisis with them. For those of you who haven't yet read our import review, Dino Crisis is the latest in Capcom's well-pioneered survival horror vein.

The plot is pretty simple. You're part of a team sent to infiltrate a top-secret island base, which happens to have been recently overrun with dinosaurs. You're Regina, an exceptionally beautiful redhead who's handy with her .35 and has a knack for solving the game's many puzzles. Conceived and directed by Shinji Mikami, the man behind the Resident Evil games, Dino Crisis will be a welcome homecoming to anyone familiar with the RE series.

The US version features excellent voice work and seems to have all the great cliches we've come to love from the Resident Evil series, and then some. But beware! Instead of slow-moving zombies, Regina's up against lightning-quick raptors and even the menacing T-Rex. In fact, I wasn't playing the game long before the T-Rex broke through the side of the building then gulped me down. Get your chance to stick it to the dinosaurs this September.

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