Hands-on: Syphon Filter 2

Syphon Filter 2 arrived in our offices today, so we deliver new media and impressions.


GameSpot News procured a copy of 989 Studios' and Eidetic's latest espionage thriller, Syphon Filter 2. The story picks up where the first game left off, so the now-evil Agency is out to cover up the existence of a new strain of the Syphon Filter virus and stop Gabe Logan and his cohorts from foiling their plans, which include selling the virus to the highest bidder.

The game plays nearly identically to the first game, reusing most of the same animation and sporting extremely similar graphics. But the missions are a bit larger in scope. For instance, the first mission starts out on the middle of a huge snowy mountain. From time to time, paratroopers will drop in on you, guns blazing. If you can draw a bead on them before they land, you can waste them before they even hit the ground, causing them to fall screaming to their doom. You'll also run into snipers, which cause the dreaded "head shot" pointer to appear on your own head. Also, you'll take on the role of other characters. In the second mission, for instance, you play as Gabe's radio-friendly partner, Lian Xing, who has been captured and is, in fact, infected with the new strain of the virus.

Fans of the original Syphon Filter should probably get a kick out of this two-disc game. Syphon Filter 2 is currently scheduled to release on March 15.

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