Hands-On: Sunrise Eiyuutan

Sunrise Eiyuutan (Sunrise Heroes) for the Dreamcast has arrived at videogames.com. Check out our screens and impressions.


Fans of Gundams, Macrosses, and other giant robot stuff will certainly dig on Sunrise Interactive's Sunrise Eiyuutan, translated as Sunrise Heroes. Featuring a wide selection of the Gundams made famous in tons of anime and merchandising, Sunrise Heroes also features the newest generation of Gundam - Wing Gundam. Basically a strategy RPG, Sunrise Heroes is filled with anime artwork and CG-rendered cutscenes that fans will certainly appreciate.

The likeliness of this game coming to the States is slim to none. So importing it may be your only option to play it. Our full review is coming shortly; for the time being, check out these screens.

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