Hands-on: Stunt Racer 3000

We check out Midway's newest racing title for the Nintendo 64 - new screens and impressions inside.


Stunt Racer 64

Midway's Stunt Racer 3000 for the Nintendo 64 looks like a San Francisco Rush/Hot Wheels type of game where it's all about big jumps, crazy gravity-defying tracks, and pulling tricks off for cash. We checked the game out today and have put together some new screens for you to check out.

Stunt Racer 3000 looks very impressive; lots of nice lighting effects give the tracks a polished look. The characters and cars themselves look fairly detailed, but most importantly, the game moves at a fast pace, giving you a true sensation of speed. The game has lots of tracks and characters that all look pretty cool. We didn't get to play Stunt Racer 3000 for too long, but what we did play, we liked.

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