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GameSpot News gets its hands on the Soul Calibur demo straight from Japan. Check out our new media and impressions.


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GameSpot News procured a copy of the Soul Calibur Starting Guide, a small, magazine-like book with information and moves for the Dreamcast version of the game. But wait, there's more! The package also comes with a demo version of Soul Calibur. Here are our impressions.

The demo lets players select from only two characters--Mitsurugi or Xianghua--but it does let them face a variety of characters, such as Ivy, Nightmare, Astaroth, Taki, and Kilik, in single-player matches. There's also a two-player mode with a stage select hidden on the disc. (Hint: Hit the start button on both the one-player and two-player pads at the same time at the opening screen.)

From the looks of the demo, this game is going to be amazing. The graphics are simply incredible, and all that talk about Namco going back in and adding subtle muscle flexing here and there is definitely true--it does give the game a realistic look.

Other modes listed on the menu, though not accessible, include Internet, versus, team battle, time attack, survival, museum, and practice. There was no sign of the previously stated story mode (which is said to be similar to Soul Blade's edge master mode).

The Japanese version of Soul Calibur is currently scheduled to hit shelves on August 5. Look for an import review soon on videogames.com.

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