Hands-on: Roommania #203

We sit down with Sega's Roommania #203, one of the strangest titles to release on the Dreamcast yet.


In yet another example of bizarre-o gaming, Sega has unleashed a game weird enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Seaman: the Forbidden Pet. Roommania #203 can be vaguely described as a "god game," but it should be in no way confused with something like Populous.

As the unseen entity in Roommania, you must influence the events that surround the main character, Taihei Neji. To achieve this, you shoot little invisible "balls" at various items in his room. You see a meter that lists the things he will do and in what order. By throwing balls at different objects, you may change the order in which he does things. You view his life in the morning and in the afternoon, and you can even mess with his stuff while he's away. The graphics are very detailed, although you are really only seeing him in his apartment. As you progress, multiple views open up, letting you fool around with more and more objects as the game continues.

While we really haven't figured out what the point is, it's very intriguing to say the least. This is a very weird game, and importers would do well to wait for the full review. Check out the screenshots in the meantime.

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