Hands On: Pepsiman

James Mielke picks up one of Japan's hottest imports for the PlayStation - Pepsiman.


Practically a cult hero in Japan, Pepsi's little-known (in America, at least) company mascot has his own PlayStation game - and it's a nifty little distraction, all right. Developed by Kid, Pepsiman is a simple "racing" game that harks back to the old-school gaming dynamics of yesteryear. With only two buttons triggering jump and slide, you must simply avoid obstacles in the road and jump over holes. Occasionally, the controls will get skewed as barrels land on your head, and other bizarre events occur.

Previously seen in Sega's Japanese version of Fighting Vipers, Pepsiman has seriously needed his own game for some time, and this one suits him quite nicely. Based on his "famous" Japanese commercials, where he's usually found racing to save someone from a horrendous thirst, Pepsiman spends the majority of the game doing just that. Littered with FMVs and game-engine cutscenes, this is the ultimate Pepsiman souvenir to date. Priced at a relatively cheap 2,800 yen (US$20), Pepsiman is already a difficult-to-find import. Here are some screenshots to let you know what you're missing.

One notable US publisher is already looking into acquiring the US rights, if a deal with Pepsi can be negotiated.

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