Hands-on: Love & Destroy

We check out the latest giant-mech shooter from Japan, Love & Destroy for the PlayStation.


If you dig the Japanese animation series Evangelion, you'll definitely appreciate Love & Destroy. It's basically a giant-mech shooter like Armored Core, and you take on gigantic alien invaders and swarms of attackers in level after level of sheer carnage. The game is set in city environments that let you destroy any building you run over with your feet, and the sense of scale is amazing.

The action is viewed from very dynamic angles, which are controllable with the second analog-stick on your Dual Shock pad. There are three mechs available, and each mech has a different pilot, all female, designed by Masakazu Katsura, the man responsible for popular manga like Video Girl AI, Shadow Lady, Lemon, Is, etc.

Developed by the hepcats responsible for the 2D fighter Guilty Gear, Love & Destroy is an impressive piece of software that, while not perfect, offers up some hectic fighting action. Check out the tasty screens we've put together and hold your breath until the PlayStation import review pops up on the home page.

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