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Hands-on: Dreamcast WWF Attitude

We travel to Austin, Texas to get our hands on the Dreamcast version of WWF Attitude. First details inside.


As part of Acclaim's Gamer's Day held in Austin, Texas today, editors James Mielke and Ben Stahl got their hands on the Dreamcast version of Attitude. Here's what they saw.

First off, the game is early - 20 percent complete to be precise. Acclaim says that the game will definitely not be ready in time for the Dreamcast launch, but the company is working overtime to get it completed as soon as possible.

Some easily discernable improvements over the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation versions of Attitude include an improved frame rate and better sounds and music. The Dreamcast version actually features a lot more voice samples not present in the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 versions.

Graphically, the game is stunningly superior. According to Mielke, "it's almost photo-realistic." Other graphical enhancements are new photos for the character select screens - these look so much cleaner. It also looked as if Acclaim was playing around with using laser pointer effects in the game to make it all the more true to WWF events.

Stay tuned for further Dreamcast Attitude updates including new screens very soon.

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