Hands-on: Dreamcast Draconus

Crave brings by a near-beta version of its Dreamcast adventure game Draconus - here's what we found.


Considering the time we spent with Draconus today, the game seems more than just a simple hack-and-slash adventure. Sure, the levels are filled with different types of enemies, which you have to cut to ribbons with your sword, but you must also interact with characters and do a little puzzle solving as well. As the game begins, you choose to play as either a male or female warrior. The male is the physically stronger of the two, and he delivers more damaging blows to enemies with standard weapons such as swords, axes, and maces. The female character, however, has the edge when it comes to casting magical spells, such as fire attacks and healing magic. In all, there are 23 spells that you can gain by collecting objects, like whisps, within the game's 15 levels. Whisps are used like currency, and you can buy not only magic spells but also rankings to give your character greater stamina and strength during play.

Visually, Draconus looks great. The textures used for the landscapes and walls are extremely detailed and give the game a sharp and vibrant look. The characters are also extremely detailed and feature smooth animations.

In the audio department, the game seems to be shaping up quite nicely. The game has an interactive music score that changes tempo as the action heats up and all the characters speak when you interact with them. Most notable is the voice of George Takei (Sulu), of Star Trek fame.

Crave's Draconus is currently scheduled to hit retail shelves sometime in March 2000.

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