Hands-on: DC Gauntlet Legends

We take a look at another Midway title: the new and improved port of Gauntlet Legends for the Dreamcast.


The Dreamcast port of Gauntlet Legends includes new characters, spells, and abilities that were not available in the PlayStation or N64 versions. Some of the new characters include a knight, a dwarf, and a jester to name a few. Many of the Dreamcast extras are features that will be appearing for the first time in Midway's new arcade upgrade of sorts that's coming soon for Gauntlet Legends

The game, from what we played of it today, seemed to be well on its way to becoming a very close representation of the arcade version. The characters, monsters, and spells all look fairly identical. Right now the game has some areas that can be cleaned up, but overall it looks to be on track.

Check back next week for a full preview detailing all of the new features and options that will be found in the Dreamcast version of Gauntlet Legends.

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