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Hands On: Blue Stinger

Dreamcast gets its first Resident Evil-like game, Blue Stinger, and we offer our first reactions to the game.


Blue Stinger for the Dreamcast was just released in Japan and managed to pick up a copy of the Resident Evil-ish third-person action/puzzle game. As shown in the screenshots that we took, Blue Stinger is gorgeous, with beautiful lighting effects, detailed 3D characters, and textured landscapes.

While the free-roaming camera seems more suited for a movie than a game, on more than one occasion we found ourselves walking into a room where the camera focused on your character and not the monster on the other side. Control mechanics work just like in Resident Evil: You maneuver your character with the analog stick, pick up items, and shoot monsters with an auto-aiming setup that makes creatures hard to miss.

The game's dialog is all in English, and from our early experiences with the game it may be possible to get through the game without knowing Japanese. Voice acting is so bad it could be funny.

At first glance, Blue Stinger doesn't appear to be the game we all hoped it would be. But keep checking in the upcoming weeks for a complete import review to find out for sure.

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