Hands-on All Star Pro-Wrestling

We got a hold of the new PlayStation 2 wrestling game that Squaresoft is releasing in Japan tomorrow and put it through the paces. Here's what we found.


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From the brief time we spent with the All Star Pro-Wrestling today, it was obvious that the game's graphics are certainly impressive. The start of every match begins with a dramatic laser-light show accompanied by intro music and pyrotechnics for each wrestler. The smoke and lighting effects are incredible, while the shadows and reflections look extremely realistic. The 3D models used for the wrestlers, as you can see from the screenshots, are incredibly detailed. You can see the expression change on the wrestler's faces as they are struck by opponents. Moreover, you'll occasionally see the wrestler's muscles jiggle when they're slammed onto the mat.

The controls for the game left us a little puzzled since you must use one analog stick to move around the ring and the other to execute moves and strikes. We're still trying to figure out exactly how the controls work, but one of the coolest moves we found right away is that the game lets you drag your opponent by his hair.

We have to spend some more time with the game to learn more, but if All Star Pro-Wrestling is any indication what the future of wrestling games is going to be on the PS2, wrestling fans have a lot to look forward to. Be sure to keep checking back for more All Star Pro-Wrestling screens, movies, and info. Click below to see a movie clip of the game.

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