Hands On: Air Force Delta

Konami's Dreamcast flight sim is coming to the Game Boy Color later this year. Find out more about the portable version, currently on display at Space World.


Konami's Air Force Delta started out as a Dreamcast clone of Namco's Air Combat series. The mission-based jet combat simulation played pretty well and was a nice addition to the Dreamcast's US launch lineup. The Game Boy Color version, shown at Spaceworld in its complete form, contains none of the things that made the Dreamcast game good, and runs so sluggishly that you'll think you're playing one of those old Game & Watch games.

The game is played from a third-person, behind the jet perspective. You chug along on rails, unable to really alter your course other than to point in the general direction of targets, such as enemy jets. The ground moves along in an extremely choppy fashion, and your jet looks like it was simply pasted onto the display. The game is based around pointing your jet at a target, firing off your guns or locking on and launching a missile, and repeating. Calling the game less than impressive would definitely be an understatement.

Air Force Delta for the Game Boy Color is listed as being 100 percent complete, and should be on shelves in Japan and in the US before the end of the year.

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