Han Solo Movie Writer Reveals When the Star Wars Spinoff Will Start Filming

Han's the man.


There might be be two Star Wars movies to come before we get to see the Han Solo spinoff, but there is already considerable buzz about the adventures of the young space smuggler. It was recently confirmed that Alden Ehrenreich will star, now writer Lawrence Kasdan has revealed when the film will begin production.

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Kasdan was recently honoured at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, and was asked about working with directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord on the Han movie. "They're great, funny, and imaginative and we've had a great time together," Kasdan said, via StarWarsNewsNet. "My son [Jon] and I wrote the script and Chris and Phil are working on it and they're about to move to London to start shooting in January. And it should be fun."

Kasdan also revealed that although he wasn't working directly on Episode VIII and IX, he was in contact with their directors and had "a little information" about the storylines. "Rian [Johnson, Episode VIII director] is a friend of mine. I'm getting to know Colin Trevorrow, who is going to direct Episode IX, so I feel very involved with it," he said.

Kasdan is a veteran of the Star Wars universe, having previously co-written The Force Awakens, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. He also wrote the screenplay for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Earlier this month, Ehrenreich was announced as the new Han Solo after months of speculation. Few further details are known about the film, but it is expected to take place between Episodes III and IV. In March Disney boss Bob Iger revealed that the film would also feature Solo's trusty co-pilot Chewbacca.

The movie is currently set for a release on May 25, 2018

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