Hamilton On Disney Plus Will Censor Two F-Bombs

Lin-Manuel Miranda confirms the upcoming Disney Plus release will be edited for the family-friendly streaming platform.


Lin-Manuel Miranda has shared some new insight on the upcoming Disney Plus release of Hamilton coming up on July 3, including how it's censored for the family-friendly platform.

Hamilton on Disney Plus is a recording of a Broadway performance from 2016, featuring the original cast--and the original swears--minus two. The movie version is rated PG-13, so it is only allowed to have one use of the word "f**k." The actual play has three, so two "f**k"s were censored or changed.

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In the Yorktown scene, the line "I get the f**k back up again" will be muted on the swear word. The other censor will be on the "Southern mother f**king Democratic Republicans" line.

"I literally gave two f**ks so the kids could see it," Miranda said of the changes.

Also on Twitter, Miranda confirmed that the Disney Plus version of Hamilton will include a one-minute countdown clock in the middle to represent the intermission. Obviously, you can pause at any time to pee or get a drink or a snack from the comfort of your home, but this is a nice touch all the same.

The original plan was to release Hamilton in theatres in October 2021, and this would have included a 10-minute intermission. But the movie's theatrical release was canceled due to COVID-19. Miranda said he's hoping to be able to release Hamilton in theatres one day.

Hamilton on Disney Plus will be released at midnight PST on July 3, which works out to 3 AM on the US east coast. That's 8 AM in the UK on July 4 and 5 PM on July 4 in Sydney, Australia. Miranda also confirmed that Hamilton will be available on Disney Plus for the foreseeable future. Some had wondered if it would be a limited engagement, but Miranda confirms it will live next to titles like A Goofy Movie indefinitely.

Miranda also confirmed on Twitter that, sadly, not all of the alternate language subtitles will be available from the beginning. Because the release was moved up by more than a year, the team wasn't able to get the work finished, but these additional languages will be added in due course.

Miranda also said Hamilton on Disney Plus will feature crowd noises like laughing and clapping.

For more on Hamilton, check out the movie's first trailer here to get a glimpse at what to expect. In other news, Miranda has announced he's staying in business with Disney for a new animated musical.

Disney is said to have paid $75 million USD to buy Hamilton's movie rights. Unlike Cats, Rent, or Mamma Mia, Hamilton's movie is a film version of the play recorded during two productions with the original cast in 2016. The $75 million that Disney is said to have paid for the movie is reportedly the highest fee in history that a studio paid for a finished film.

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