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Hamilton Might Be Your Favorite Movie Of 2020, But It's Not Eligible For An Oscar

How does a movie, musical, critically acclaimed and beloved, released during pandemic and a quiet season, by Disney, streaming, won the Pulitzer for Drama, go on to be ineligible for an Oscar?


Hamilton is now available on Disney+, leading to a huge spike in downloads for the streaming service, and the reaction towards the filmed performance has been very positive. Hamilton has received excellent reviews, and with cinemas currently closed in the US because of COVID-19 this is likely to be, for many viewers, their favorite film of the year so far.

However, despite the hype and prestige around Hamilton, Variety is reporting that the concert film will not be eligible for any Oscars. The film was originally planned for a 2021 cinema release, but plans were later changed, and although the Oscar eligibility rules are different in 2020 to account for the pandemic, Hamilton will not make the cut.

The reason is simple: according to rules first implemented in 1997, recorded stage productions cannot be nominated for any Academy Awards.

The film can still, potentially, be nominated in the 2021 Emmy awards, but only in the Outstanding Variety Special category, which it is very likely to earn a nod in. Other categories remain off-limits, including acting awards.

This is likely not too major a blow for Hamilton, though, as the live play has already earned the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, a Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album, numerous Tony and Laurence Olivier awards, and much more.

Hamilton is exclusive to Disney+. Here are some things to look out for when you watch it, including an extra song that is not on the soundtrack.

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